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It was a summer filled with lots of ball games. And these ladies performed! Love to sponsor this kind of fun and learning … we enjoyed the season too. Congratulations Stingerz!

So, it’s August already. Things are coming to an end and bumping right into the startups. We have had a great group of interns and, as always, their chatter and naivety keeps the regulars smiling. This has, as usual, been a summer of everyday moments. We have added names to our client list, enjoyed the […]

Welcome to Uproar summer interns Henry, Daria, Sarah and Maddi! Ours is a real introduction to the professional world of graphic design and social media marketing and these four have jumped in with vigor. They show up, don’t whine and perform – what could be better? Hello summer!

Caught in the world of marketing and advertising means high-speed brain power all day long. Endless website research and verification tends to limit exposure to the real feels and smell of brand reputation. Then, along comes “No Sock Day” and the sensations of feel and smell provoke the craziest moments.  We tried it and liked […]

April is Jazz Appreciation Month and that is cause for celebration. We are lucky to be a part of the Detroit Metro region and, as such, can enjoy a fantastic offering of the best in jazz. Not a one among us that does not have a favorite place or a favorite artist in the genre. […]

With March comes the first day of Spring – and we welcome it! March is also American Red Cross Month. We could write volumes about what the ARC does, but the basic is, of course, blood. So – those of us who can make a point of donating our blood during March – some of […]

There is a small band of sparrows just outside my window who have become accustom to my contributions of food. It is a nice reminder in these hectic months after the new year that the sun does go up and down with regularity and winter will give way to spring. Uproar is busy. We are […]

We are very positive about 2017. It feels good. We look forward to a hard and demanding schedule and several new, established clients with a handful of startups thrown into the mix. Our staff has changed as life demands and that provokes more planning and renewal. So be it. The horizon looks promising, the ship […]

We recognize the Winter Solstice. It is the darkest and shortest day of the year – December 21. And, this year, it falls on a Wednesday. Coincidentally, it is also Flashlight Day – which makes sense. But the magic of the season is the fact that the same guy who invented the flashlight also had […]

Can we just say “Thanksgiving?” Not anymore. First of all, there is this big election on November 8th and then there are movements like the November Project ( and the No-shave November group ( and finally, Thanksgiving. What a fabulous month! So, as we try to keep abreast of this and that (snow and ice), […]