We recognize the Winter Solstice. It is the darkest and shortest day of the year – December 21. And, this year, it falls on a Wednesday. Coincidentally, it is also Flashlight Day – which makes sense. But the magic of the season is the fact that the same guy who invented the flashlight also had […]

You’ve read the stats, you have debated with friends on strategy, you wonder “why” and “how can they”, you have cheered and shaken your head – welcome to College Football 2016! With Fall, Uproar becomes a battle ground of favorite college football teams and lines are drawn in the sand – to say we are […]

One sure indicator that spring is close at hand is the U of M Stamps School of Art & Design Portfolio Expo. This year the expo was on Thursday, February 5th. The affair is an informal opportunity for us to see what is in the mix as far as design, and those who hope to […]

Attention: voting for 2015 is now closed. View our album of pumpkin contest entries, then vote for your favorite! 1 View Full Size Image 2 View Full Size Image 3 View Full Size Image 4 View Full Size Image 5 View Full Size Image 6 View Full Size Image 7 View Full Size Image 8 […]

This is a crazy, wonderful month. 2nd month of summer and that means outdoor everything. Simple enough – big celebrations for our country’s birthday too. Funny, July 4th was actually the day that the final draft of the wording of the Declaration of Independence was submitted to the Continental Congress in 1776. The original copy […]

Caught in the frenzy of the office bracket standing, our team began to share the demands of endless predictive analytics. Very much like basketball bracket picks, a marketing campaign does better if all the “stats” have been analyzed, making the outcome predictable. Our team all agreed; there in lies the challenge. There is a lot […]

So, it’s August already. Things are coming to an end and bumping right into the startups. We have had a great group of interns and, as always, their chatter and naivety keeps the regulars smiling. This has, as usual, been a summer of everyday moments. We have added names to our client list, enjoyed the […]

One of our employees just got back from a hiking trip to Iceland. According to John Carlin in theguardian, statistics abound. It is the country with the sixth highest GDP per capita in the world Where people buy the most books Where life expectancy for men is the highest in the world, and not far […]

2016! As Uproar enters its eighteenth year, we are intensely focused on “what’s next”. So, navigating the ever-changing boundaries of technology, we will purposefully set goals of growth and service. We will continue to recognize the value of our community and health and we will mentor and train to business expectations. New clients, new employees […]