Uproar closed 2017 doing some nice things for others. Not anything earth shattering – but, we like to think our efforts had some happy endings. So, as we begin our 22nd year, we are determined to celebrate success and volunteer often. That’s the plan!

We recognize the Winter Solstice. It is the darkest and shortest day of the year – December 21. And, this year, it falls on a Wednesday. Coincidentally, it is also Flashlight Day – which makes sense. But the magic of the season is the fact that the same guy who invented the flashlight also had […]

You’ve read the stats, you have debated with friends on strategy, you wonder “why” and “how can they”, you have cheered and shaken your head – welcome to College Football 2016! With Fall, Uproar becomes a battle ground of favorite college football teams and lines are drawn in the sand – to say we are […]

Do you remember when you were starting your career and needed that “break”? If someone would just give me a chance to show what I know and what I can do? Well, Uproar loves that fire! We run a year-around paid internship program in all of our divisions. So if you are interested and you […]

As the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to change, we are reminded of yet another transition from summer heat to winter cold. But, it is not just the temperature or the shorter days that remind us at Uproar of the change of seasons. Our interns must now return to school or leave for jobs […]

It really does feel like the Uproar Team is burning through summer. A regular work schedule has exploded with new clients and challenges much to our delight and focus. Yet, it is summer and, true to the calling, we set up the grill and tossed on the dogs. Let the interns do the cooking – […]

One sure indicator that spring is close at hand is the U of M Stamps School of Art & Design Portfolio Expo. This year the expo was on Thursday, February 5th. The affair is an informal opportunity for us to see what is in the mix as far as design, and those who hope to […]

December means we have to start thinking about snow. So, we do. We bet each other when our first “really big” snowfall will happen. We also celebrate a diversity of holidays in the month of December and we share the food of many traditional tables and then we begin to get ready for the New […]

This is a crazy, wonderful month. 2nd month of summer and that means outdoor everything. Simple enough – big celebrations for our country’s birthday too. Funny, July 4th was actually the day that the final draft of the wording of the Declaration of Independence was submitted to the Continental Congress in 1776. The original copy […]

Can we just say “Thanksgiving?” Not anymore. First of all, there is this big election on November 8th and then there are movements like the November Project ( and the No-shave November group ( and finally, Thanksgiving. What a fabulous month! So, as we try to keep abreast of this and that (snow and ice), […]