Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice

In 2005 Uproar Communications had a visit from Guy Williams. It is unclear exactly how he found us, but we are glad he did. He was working for an outfit called "Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice" and he asked if we could help. It was an enjoyable ride and while we have not seen him often enough over the years, we have enjoyed seeing his success. This month the Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice will celebrate 20 years of successful efforts and work. And, Guy still has a smile on his face! The affair of celebration will be on September 30th and we hope to be there. Guy's outstanding work has won him and this organization many awards and accolades. The group's information can be found on their website at or phone 313 833 3935. Feeling generous? Send this tenacious organization your financial support. How about $10 for every year they have worked to improve the environment in a place called Detroit?

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