It's Time to Say Goodbye

May is the month that the seniors at the University of Michigan graduate. It is also the month that Uproar says goodbye to our senior interns. Sitting in Ann Arbor, Uproar has plenty of opportunities to recruit interns from schools such as University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan and Washtenaw Community College. Our internship programs run from one semester to the next and usually carry two to six interns in various departments. The most sought after internship is one in social media with graphic design running a close second. We continue to encourage internship participation because it gives us a window into the generation that comes and, basically, it gives us a chance to test the waters with amateurs on our procedures and systems. Have we ever gotten a black eye? Of course, but not often. Rather, it usually is most rewarding relationship and the delight is in the years to come when someone calls to ask if "so and so" worked for us. The pleasure of their successes is priceless.

So, we say again to our graduating senior crew of interns - God speed, good luck and we will miss you.

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