National Tooth Fairy Day

To many of us, August is really the last hooray of summer and the explosion of powerful back to school campaigns in all shapes and sizes. However, it is also the host month of National Tooth Fairy Day or August 22. Anyone in marketing will tell you that the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause really have done a fantastic job of marketing over eons of time. There is controversy, of course, about the over-done images and product lines of today – but you must respect the sheer longevity of these two icons. Boiled down from gallons of verbiage about the Tooth Fairy’s marketing efforts, one thing tends to hold true – she has a terrific word of mouth campaign going on. Not much has changed. Got a good product with  great customer service and you’ll get the ultimate marketing hit – great word of mouth. What do they call it today? Oh yes, influencer marketing. Who knew?

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