Putting Disaster In Touch With Cleanup

Uproar has worked with several international waste management companies and has been part of at least three major mergers.  Our marketing services have included rebranding campaigns, quarterly newsletters, social media recruitment and HR, trade shows, and catastrophic alerts and PR. We focus on brand reputation, social media, email campaigns, social media ads, and front office training and support. Our team designs, implements and evaluates marketing strategies with the option of employee involvement or not. We can manage the entire marketing effort, oversee the client’s employee’s participation, or simply design and evaluate.

We are marketers and designers. On-site teams are not creative designers and will often naively put their companies in libelous situations by using products that are protected by copywrite law, or photos without secured releases.  Not only does our knowledge of copywrite liability issues protect our clients, so too does the liability insurance coverage (E&O) we must carry.

Equally important to any waste management genre is the need to know about issues like OSHHA. We do. We have years of experience in the world of waste management, which is reflected in the input to proper social media response and options.

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