Spring Ahead!

One sure indicator that spring is close at hand is the U of M Stamps School of Art & Design Portfolio Expo. This year the expo was on Thursday, February 5th. The affair is an informal opportunity for us to see what is in the mix as far as design, and those who hope to make their livings doing it, goes. As always we enjoyed meeting the students and catching up with the Career Development Coordinator, John Luther. But, it is the use of technology by the students that is most impressive. We honestly wonder how we ever got the message across just ten years ago, let alone twenty years ago. These students were good at what they did and many of them have been doing it forever. Take their skills and add one or two additional languages and a natural sophistication with humanity and it becomes a common mark for their group that screams success. This expo sparks many discussions as to where art and design are going - seems to be a very fast ride with no end in sight. Full Spring ahead!

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