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We recognize the Winter Solstice. It is the darkest and shortest day of the year – December 21. And, this year, it falls on a Wednesday. Coincidentally, it is also Flashlight Day – which makes sense. But the magic of the season is the fact that the same guy who invented the flashlight also had […]


It is the season of impressive marketing strategies, but nobody actually does it better than Santa. There is much to be read about the Santa strategy; however we found the article written by Sean D’Souza to be full of solid marketing suggestions as endorsed by the guru of all time marketing, Santa. Lots to learn or confirm.

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December means we have to start thinking about snow. So, we do. We bet each other when our first “really big” snowfall will happen. We also celebrate a diversity of holidays in the month of December and we share the food of many traditional tables and then we begin to get ready for the New […]

Uproar Pumpkin Contest 2014

Behold, the Uproar Communications staff pumpkin decorating contest for October 2014. Vote for your single favorite pumpkin by selecting and submitting below. Then come back and leave us some comments!

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Attention: voting for 2015 is now closed. View our album of pumpkin contest entries, then vote for your favorite! 1 View Full Size Image 2 View Full Size Image 3 View Full Size Image 4 View Full Size Image 5 View Full Size Image 6 View Full Size Image 7 View Full Size Image 8 […]


This is a crazy, wonderful month. 2nd month of summer and that means outdoor everything. Simple enough – big celebrations for our country’s birthday too. Funny, July 4th was actually the day that the final draft of the wording of the Declaration of Independence was submitted to the Continental Congress in 1776. The original copy […]

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Most of our clients started new marketing journeys this year. Their clients, in turn, demanded a review of digital capabilities and consumer privacy. Meanwhile, the marketing landscape imploded with CAS, CX, UX, HX, and blockchain dominating the lingo and creeping to the norm. It is hectic, but fascinating. However, surrounded by it all, we look […]


There really is no greater marketer than Santa Claus. It is incredible how his campaign stands the test of time and then some. He sticks to the basics. He knows his customers – whether they are good or bad, even if they have been sleeping. He knows individual needs and rewards good behavior. A lot […]


2016! As Uproar enters its eighteenth year, we are intensely focused on “what’s next”. So, navigating the ever-changing boundaries of technology, we will purposefully set goals of growth and service. We will continue to recognize the value of our community and health and we will mentor and train to business expectations. New clients, new employees […]