The Botsford Foundation

“It is over and the Autumn Gala was a big success. The comment I heard over and over was this this was the most beautiful event ever. I always say that I may have the ideas but I have a great design firm to work with and they understand my ideas and are able to execute them in ways that I never imagined. Thank you all for speaking “Diane.” I always appreciate the creativity and attention to detail that Caitlin brings to this project. I must say that Rachael was amazing. As the new kid on the block, she picked up the project and never missed a beat. Jon gave us the nicest power point we have ever had. Our guests enjoyed seeing their names, their photographs and the pictures of “old” Botsford as they entered our event. I appreciate Mrs. B and her eye for checking and rechecking all my materials. And, you. Heather, you are my rock, the voice of calm when everything goes crazy, my favorite colleague and my wonderful friend. THANK YOU to all my Uproar friends.”