Why Is It So Fun To Trash Talk?

You've read the stats, you have debated with friends on strategy, you wonder "why" and "how can they", you have cheered and shaken your head – welcome to College Football 2016! With Fall, Uproar becomes a battle ground of favorite college football teams and lines are drawn in the sand – to say we are a competitive bunch is an understatement! Passion for a team brings out the best and trash talkin' side of us. We love college ball and it gives us something to cheer about (or cry about if you are a MSU fan 😭) and makes us realize that ANYTHING can happen on football Saturday! Oh, did you think we were talking about the upcoming Presidential election? Well, we could have been! Regardless of your political views – display the same desire you have for your favorite team, and get in the game! Register to vote. You don’t want to wake up on November 9th with the feeling of "how could I have been a ranked team and lost" and not know what happened to your season – kinda like State felt after Wisconsin and Indiana… see the trash talkin’ never ends… even when we are talking politics! Enjoy Fall!

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