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Uproar Communications has been designated as “essential” and, therefore, we continue to come to work. We have reduced meetings and travel, given our employees some flexibility as far as coming to work, and have become obsessive about hygiene. It is intense, but our commitment continues to be to our clients who find themselves at the […]

leap year

It’s a leap year! Yes, we have an extra day and a nod for women to propose to their boyfriends on February 29th.

happy new year 2020

A new year! We did a quick review of the last twenty years and, as much as things have changed, they have stayed the same. Nothing about working hard has been made easier. We probably work twice as hard as we did before the advent of today’s technology simply because there is more to learn, […]


There really is no greater marketer than Santa Claus. It is incredible how his campaign stands the test of time and then some. He sticks to the basics. He knows his customers – whether they are good or bad, even if they have been sleeping. He knows individual needs and rewards good behavior. A lot […]

Occasionally, we like to toot our own horn. We are good at what we do and if you are in need, let’s talk. If you personally are running a company or marketing department and have all the tools and time to do this madness – go for it. But, otherwise, Uproar can help in any […]

Yes, we love Halloween!  It is a gentle reminder that the “big” holidays are around the corner and marketing strategies are in place, if not already implemented. Our clients are usually geared up for this holiday push – but time flies and if that holiday marketing strategy is not already functional, we suggest a simple […]

word of mouth

“Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising. … And 74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions.”


June is loaded with days of celebration. In fact, one of our former graphic designers, Nick, is getting married this month in California and the guests are to enjoy a towering doughnut wedding cake from Johnny Doughnuts in San Rafael, California.